Our Week in Pictures....

Just a few shots of some of the sunning, swimming, and "sycling" (yes, I know I spelled it wrong-I'm trying to achieve alliteration here, people) we enjoyed last week. Thanks Aunt Amie, Uncle Scott, and kiddos!

The pool--it's lovely.  I spent lots of time floating around it on a raft.  
A few times, I even risked dropping this in the water.  So peaceful!

Stopping for a  photo op during a game of "Follow the Leader" on wheels.
Garrett, Taylor, Sawyer, Chase (l-r)

The Three Musketeers - Amie and I have come to realize 
we will have our hands full in a few years with these three! 

Taylor was a HUGE help with Sofie,  
who certainly didn't suffer from a lack of attention!

Garrett attempting to land in the tube!  
It's amazing how much fun they had with those $8 inner tubes!  

Sawyer's attempt

And then Chase.  
Surprisingly, they managed to make it more times than not!

And, of course, they enjoyed quite a few games 
of pool football and pool baseball!
(Gotta love the goggles!)

Then, on our last night while Amie and I hit one final store, 
Uncle Scott took them all on a five-mile bike ride.
They had a blast--and slept GREAT that night!


Laurie said...

did sofie go in the pool?

Gina Ulfa said...

very good
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