Some Linkage Love............

Jeff, Brooke, Sydney, and Payton are off having the time of their lives at Reality Week with our church this week. So Sawyer, Sofie, and I packed up the family truckster and headed north to our very own personal Pennsylvania paradise, Club Knorr, of course!

While we are sunning and swimming with the occasional shopping trip thrown in, you can enjoy these links that I have found in my recent travels throughout the worldwide web.
  • Now, it's no secret that I am as crafty as a big rock, but this blogger, now SHE can craft and party and sew and entertain, etc., etc. She is pretty much everything I am not, which just might be the attraction, I'm not sure! Either way, be sure to scroll down her blog for some amazing ideas and projects! (That clock-book crafty thing doesn't really trip my trigger.)

  • Right after Jeff and I retire to that loft apartment in Chicago, we're going to retire here. I'm not normally a cutesy-cottage type of gal but, oh, this place looks so inviting! Of course, it could be that the median August temp in Nova Scotia is 73 degrees. That's hard to beat!

  • If you're in the mood to feel guilty--or overweight--check this out. I need to print out a few of these pictures and hang them on my pantry doors! Yikes!!

  • If you're a book lover who prefers to buy rather than borrow your reading material, this site is for you! Just type in the title, author, or ISBN of the book you're seeking, and this site will compare prices for new and used copies all over the web. Very cool!!

  • I have a love-hate relationship with bicycles. Actually, it's probably more of a hate-hate relationship. They hate me and refuse to stay balanced while I'm atop them. Consequently, I hit the pavement once too often as a child and now I hate them. So there.

    However, even I must admit that this bike from MADSEN Cargo Bikes is one cool bike. I think I would look just dandy--and downright embarrassing to my offspring, which is even more important--riding this thing to the library each week. And, boy howdy, would that there bin/box/bike bed thing-y hold a whole lotta library books!

  • Finally, on a more serious note, some very inspiring words from John Piper. If you have struggled through a painful situation or are struggling through one even now (and I think that pretty much covers all of us), this is an article you don't want to miss.
Happy Thursday everyone! Enjoy!


Tamera said...

My girlfriend has a very similar bike - but her's also has 3 wheels so she doesn't tip - - she is a very artsy/fun gal and can pull the look off - I just stay off bikes period. C:

Becky said...

Fun links!! I will retire in Nova Scotia with you! LOVE that house.

designdazzle.blogspot.com said...

Wow - thank you for your sweet comments about me. I didn't know it was me until I clicked on the link:) I sound way more impressive than I really am! Thank you - I love your writing style...even though you're not quite in love with my book project:)

Gina Ulfa said...

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