Boys and their toys......

Last week during our short stay at Club Knorr, my boys found that their cousins had a veritable arsenal of bb guns just waiting to be tried out in the backyard! Oh did they have FUN! And we had fun watching them!

And the best part? As you can see, these "accessories" go perfectly with swimsuits and can be laid down at whim when one feels the need for a dip in the pool!

P.S. My necessary disclaimer: please don't leave ugly comments or send me lecture-filled posts about kids and guns. I know. The boys were supervised and, frankly, we have no problem with them having toy guns. We respect your right to feel differently; we'll just have to agree to disagree. I fully intend to enjoy my "right to bear arms" while I still have it. I imagine it will shortly be going the way of all my other freedoms, never to return.


Adam said...

Wow, you were 5 miles away? Good to know..

Adrienne said...

I think this is great! What a neat picture. My 8yo son loves his toy weapons, and I love that he loves them! Nice blog.....I enjoyed peeking around. :)

Adrienne from Theologicalkids

Gina Ulfa said...

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