Only in Carroll County.......

Saturday night before we headed out to trick or treat, we enjoyed pizza with friends.  On our way to their home, we stopped at the local Royal Farms to grab some pop and chips.  Sawyer, dressed in all his hippie costume glory, insisted on accompanying me into the store.  (Yes.  I was thrilled.)  We chose our items quickly and went to stand in line and wait our turn to check out.  As we were waiting, the following conversation transpired in front of us between the cashier (a woman) and a customer (a man), who appeared to be spending his life savings on lottery tickets.

Customer:  Hey, C, take that mask off.  The sign says you can't wear your mask into the store.

Cashier:  Why don't you take yours off?  Yours is worse than mine!

Customer:  Yeah?  Well I'll go home and get my teeth.  Then I could be Dracula.

Cashier:  Want to borrow MY teeth?

By now it was my turn to check out.  Thankfully.  I stepped up to the register, trying to elbow Sawyer so he would stop gawking.  At the same time, an OLDER lady walked up behind us and said "Peace, man." to Sawyer.  In true Sawyer fashion, he didn't utter a word, just gave her the peace sign and looked away.  She laughed at him, then nudged me and said "That was us just a few years ago, huh?"   

WHAT?  After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I said "Not me.  Thank you very much."  And pushed Sawyer out the door!

Then, to top it all off, as we drove to their home, we passed the Gamber Firehouse with its lovely sign proclaiming "Carroll's Best Bingo."  Yikes!  Who says all the rednecks live in Frederick County!?!


Kari said...

well I guess you won't enjoy the birthday present I was going to give you....BINGO at the firehouse! LOL

Gina Ulfa said...

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