Just call me "Grumpy"

I'm kinda grumpy today.  Not sure why.  I spent yesterday in bed, trying to "sleep off" a head cold.  It didn't work.  I'm just having one of those days where every little thing irritates me.  For instance....

Does anyone really and truly watch The Bachelor?  Really?  If you're brave enough to admit it, I'd love to know what the attraction is.  I can hardly stand the commercials much less tune in to the actual show.

I had to explain to the pediatrician AGAIN why she would NOT be giving our 14-year old daughter the gardasil vaccine.  I wonder what part of "No"  she doesn't seem to understand?  And this was after I sat waiting for 30 minutes for her to come in and see us. 

The vet called to inform me that the dog needs medication for exposure to Lyme disease.  I guess it's not enough to medicate six humans.  Now I have to medicate the animal as well.

I'm disappointed in myself.  I gave up on the no chocolate.  I couldn't do it.  I'm weak.  Maybe I'll give up something else.  Like doctors.

I have to run Sawyer from one end of the county to the other tonight for basketball practice.  Then I have to sit in the car and wait for him for 1.5 hours because it's not worth it to run all the way home.  I don't feel like doing that tonight.

We had a webinar at work today that started at 3 p.m. eastern time.  I got two separate e-mails asking me what time that would be in Arizona?  Seriously.  Someone needs to google "time zones".

I need to go catch up on my Bible reading in Job.  No, the irony is not lost on me.


Stephanie said...

I'm sorry friend...you need a night out with shopping and dinner! miss you!

jodie said...

hate days like that. luv people like you. (oh, um, yes I know how to spell love)

Tamera said...

sorry :(

On the Gardisil issue (okay, now I'm not sure I spelled it right) - my (and the kids') doctor said "I hope YOU'RE NOT getting Katie vaccinated." She said we have no idea the long-term ramifications of this vaccine. I explained to her that, unlike chicken pox (and no my kids were not vaccinated for that either) which you can catch "at WalMart" there is only one way to get a sexually transmitted disease. (I know, I know - I can't prevent this if my daughter is raped -- and yes, this is an argument that is going around here). Plus Gardisil only prevents ONE type of cancer - - and STD's cause many, many cancers.

I am stepping off my soapbox now. And I am questioning all my grammar and punctuation - ha ha!!

"rose" said...

I admit it. I watch The Bachelor. I love the drama and cat fights. It makes me laugh out loud. Humor is good for the soul. I hope you still love me.

Kerry said...

I had them give my dd the gardisil vaccine. I had other reasons for it, but it definitely wasn't to tell her that it was ok to have sex now! She and I talked about it and that is what we decided to do. I do not as a rule watch the Bachelor, but I watched the last half the other night because the previews entertained me!

Valerie said...

Hey Jen....don't beat yourself up about the chocolate. God designed you to love chocolate and you should enjoy it; you just need to do so in moderation. For you to go without chocolate would be like you giving up singing. You love singing and you're good at it. Enjoy chocolate, in moderation. Love you!

Gina Ulfa said...

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