If only.......

Last night, while Sawyer and I were watching "American Idol" together, we had the following conversation:

Mom:  Hey, bud, what's the BEST thing that happened to you today?

Sawyer:  Getting to play basketball in the gym with dad after school.

Mom:  Cool!  And what's the WORST thing that happened to you today?

Sawyer:  The cold shower I just had!

Oh to be ten years old again - when all you have to worry about is what to do with those few glorious and lazy hours after school and whether or not your two older sisters will manage to snag the bathroom before you and take all the hot water.



The Thomsons said...

I feel ya, Jen! Life was so simple at 10, wasn't it? I enjoyed catching up with you this morning. Just read through Jan and Feb. Would love to read more, but need to get moving! Hope you got TONS of snow! Your new blog format is lovely, by the way. You amaze me with your tech-ability! Glad you like the Saving Dinner cookbook! It's a LIFE saver, if you ask me! Love you!

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