Offering from a very sick poet

Sawyer is soo sick. We are now working on Day 5 of temps ranging between 101 and 103. I cannot remember him ever being this sick for so long.  Last night--all night--we sat in a chair together, watching various reruns of Spongebob Square Pants and iCarly. He slept fitfully.  I only wish I would have slept--fitfully or any other way!

This morning, we were the first patients at the Urgent Care Center; I was not impressed. The rude and grumpy doctor tossed us a prescription with barely a backward glance. This was after telling me he was sure Sawyer had strep throat (which I questioned) and the obligatory throat scraping coming back negative. I am, however, pretty sure he has something, just not strep throat. So I filled the prescription and dutifully watched Sawyer swallow it. Then I dutifully held the "barf bowl" (does every household have one of these?) when it all came back up within an hour. Sigh........

I think tomorrow we will have to visit the "real" doctor. Hopefully, tonight will be better than last night, although I'm not getting my hopes up. (I wonder if Benadryl heals the flu??)  Sawyer is just hoping to be able to head back to school on Wednesday. (They have previously-scheduled holidays on Monday and Tuesday). He is working on his second year of perfect attendance and does NOT want to break his streak. Oh to have the goals of a ten-year old!

Sawyer wrote the following poems a few weeks ago, and I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to share it on the blog. I figured since he is feeling so badly, it would be a nice time to share something fun that he did. He loves to write, and his totally unbiased mom thinks he's pretty darn good at it! Incidentally, this poem was chosen as one of three from the fourth grade to be entered in a national poetry contest. We haven't heard any results yet, but I will keep you posted.

I love you sweet Sawyer. I hope you feel better soon.

The Candy Shop

Welcome to the candy shop
Where we sell chocolate and lollipops

They come in flavors
Like butterscotch or lemon lifesavers

Some people like cherry
But others like strawberry

We even have a flavor called pumpkin pie
But many people like lemon-lime

So come to our candy shop
Come right now
We'll even give you an extra discount


Tamera said...

well, when you find out WHAT he has - let me know. I've got it :( (without barf to date)

Sandy said...

I'm sorry he's so sick! Praying he is feeling much better very soon! It must stink to have that much snow and not feel good enough to play in it!

Stephanie said...

hope he's feeling better soon! we pull out the big guns at our house when someone is sick...we have a barf BUCKET!

Brooke said...

You looked rested today. I hope it's because you got some sleep. Hoping no one else gets it!

Karen in Florida said...

OH Jen, that sounds awful. Did they rule out the flu? That sounds so much like what my daughter had this fall, and it seemed like the fever would never end. She simply didn't move much for over a week, but it finally healed. Let us know how he's doing.

Gina Ulfa said...

very good !
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