For the love of teachers...

This is my new favorite blog! Really.  In fact, one day last week, I sat and read the. entire. archives.  Yes I did.  Because I don't have anything else to do, you know!  I only wish she posted more often! 

But, the other day, she posted these charming thank you notes, and I love, love, love them!  It's that time of year--you know the time:  teacher gifts.  I happily appreciate my kids' teachers but I am woefully bad at coming up with creative ideas that don't break the bank. 

But Dandee saved me!  She offered a free pdf for these charming cards, and I just happened to have some postcard stock and adorable red ribbon on hand.  (Miracles never cease!  I actually had some red ribbon!)  I printed off a set of cards, tied them up with a sweet ribbon, and off they went.  Hopefully, we made a few teachers smile. 

I'm sure Dandee would be happy to share the pdf with you.  Then you can make some teachers smile too!