A fun summer series!

Sooooooo.....you've probably noticed that the blogging has gone in waves (or trickles) recently.  I'm inspired for about a week and then life gets busy and there's nothing for two weeks.  Then I'm inspired again, then busy, then inspired, then busy.  You get the idea.

Honestly, I was dreading the summer and having to be creative with posts.  I LOVE the writing.  It's coming up with what to write about that stumps me.  I also tend to be a perfectionist (if you hadn't noticed) and so I write and rewrite, then think about the post for a few days, and then rewrite again.  This doesn't make for easy (or enjoyable!) blogging at times!

But yesterday, my summer writer's block was lifted, and I am so excited!  I came across this blog and saw that she is hosting a series about recording your youth in 15 posts or less.  How fun!  I have mentioned before that I pretty much had a perfect childhood, and I am blessed to have wonderful memories that I would love to record for my children and grandchildren.  So I am jumping in with two feet!  I am already two days behind but I don't think that will matter.  Posts will follow this schedule (hopefully!).

June 10:
Details about your birth/How you got your name
June 17:
Preschool-Kindergarten years
June 24:
Age 6 or First Grade
July 1:
Age 7 or Second Grade
July 8:
Age 8 or Third Grade
July 15:
Age 9 or Fourth Grade
July 22:
Age 10 or Fifth Grade
July 29:
Age 11 or Sixth Grade
August 5:
Age 12 or Seventh Grade
August 12:
Age 13 or Eighth Grade
August 19:
Age 14 or Ninth Grade
August 26:
Age 15 or Tenth Grade
Sept. 2:
Age 16 or Eleventh Grade
September 9:
Age 17 or Twelfth Grade
September 16:
Post High School

Hopefully, the creative juices will start flowing and by mid-September, you will know way more about me than you ever dreamed or desired!  I may even learn to use that scanner sitting in the study and post some very embarrassing pictures!  (Also, mom, I'm putting you on notice.  I may need help with recall of some pertinent facts--you know, like which football game daddy was watching while I was being born and who is responsible for that horrendous river boat ride we had to take on that Kentucky vacation!)

Post One will be up tomorrow.  Please come back and read.  I know you can't wait!


Adam said...

I loved that river boat ride!

Tamera said...

I loved your 10th grade haircut - NOT! but I did love working with you at camp and when you welcomed me when I moved there between 8th and 9th grade!

Becky said...

I loved that riverboat ride too! And the guy who told all the jokes!! FUN!!

I am excited about this blog series.

Anonymous said...

The game was USC vs.UCLA and OJ Simpson was a junior, not sure who won. Also Gary Beban from UCLA won the Heisman that year. Aren't you impressed with my knowledge?

Anonymous said...

I also loved that riverboat ride. In fact; I recently asked mom where that was because I would love to do that with the kids. Once again, there is always one pooper in every party. You decide who it is. :~)


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