Ten Perfect Things

If you are my friend on Facebook, you might have noticed that I've been complaining a bit lately. Honestly, it all "boils" down to one simple thing:  I hate summer.  HATE.  IT.   Mostly because of the weather but there are many other parts I don't enjoy either. 

It occurred to me yesterday that I've been whining about the weather A LOT and so today I decided that I was going to "accentuate the positive" and list Ten Perfect Things about this past week (of torrid summer weather!) in the hopes that I would realize the MANY, MANY things that are great--maybe not perfect, but great--about my life--even in the hot summer!

Ten Perfect Things
  • Hearing Payton pray before a meal and thank God for our "awesome family".  He meant our immediate family and the extended family we had just left.  So many children can't pray such a prayer.  I am sad for them and so thankful for the family God has given us.
  • Seeing all the Lenhart grandchildren together and enjoying one another and knowing how happy it made my mom and dad to see them.  
  • Doing cannonballs off the diving board with my sister, neither of us caring who was watching or how hard they were laughing!  (And, trust me, they were laughing hard!)
  • Knowing Brooke is so excited and eager to go to college.  If she were sad, the inevitable goodbyes would be even more difficult.
  • Talking with Brooke about some of her heart's deepest feelings and desires.  Seeing my kids blissfully happy is just about the best thing on earth!  (And right now, Brooke is blissfully happy!)
  • Jeff telling me that I can't go away any more because he can't sleep when I'm not home.  Many women would give almost anything to hear that from their husbands.  I don't want to take it for granted.
  • Sawyer walking up and randomly giving me a hug and kiss then telling me it was "just because mom".
  • Sending Jeff, Sydney, and Payton off for a week to our church's youth camp, knowing they will make lifelong memories and be challenged spiritually!
  • Anticipating a quiet week at home with Brooke and Sawyer and looking forward to reading this, which is sitting on the bookshelf even now, daring me to get started.  The problem is, once I start, I may not be able to put it down.  So I will wait.
  • Realizing there are just 66 short days until fall is upon us here in Maryland!  I can do anything for 66 short days, can't I???
I hope your weekend is full of "perfect things", wherever you are, whatever the temperature.

The Lenhart grandchildren


Becky said...

Jen - I would have driven miles to watch the cannonball exhibition! And I LOVED John Adams! One of the best!

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