Age 8/Third Grade

Welcome to my eighth year--or what I remember of it.

I began third grade in September, 1975.  Mrs. Schmitz was my teacher.  I loved her.

In the spring of 1976, which was also our country's bicentennial, our school did a patriotic program.  I can still sing the states in alphabetical order because of a song we sang in that program, Fifty Nifty United States from thirteen original colonies......

That school year, our third grade class also did a play about missions. We told the story of Nate Saint and Jim Elliott and the other missionaries who were killed in Ecquador by the Auca indians and the story of the martyr of missionaries to China, John and Betty Stam.   We also sang the song Be a Missionary.  It wasn't until years later that I realized the correct words to that song are "Be a missionary, God's own emissary" and not "Be a missionary, God's own adversary."  I always wondered why missionaries were considered adversarial?

That year, I won the third grade spelling bee at our school and was able to go to another local christian school to compete in the spelling bee final competition.  I was doing fine until the word "judgment".  On the word list we had been given, it was spelled with an "e", judgement.  However, the spelling bee judges insisted that I was wrong when I spelled it that way.  Mrs.  Schmitz went to bat for me and I was allowed to remain in the competition.  That worked great until the word "breathe" came up.  I spelled "breath" instead and, well, Mrs. Schmitz couldn't really argue with that one.

Sometime during that year, I accompanied a good friend to her allergy appointment and was mortified when the doctor asked my friend's mom if he should "examine your son as well?"  You had to know my friend's mom (Jill Moser for those of you who DO know her!), but once she stopped laughing, she was able to inform the allergist that I was not her son, in fact, I wasn't anyone's son, thankyouverymuch.  I didn't think it was nearly as funny as she did.

Third grade must have been fairly uneventful because I have very few memories of it.  Next week: fourth grade where things will get a little more exciting!  Below is a picture of my third grade class for your humorous pleasure.  Can you find me??


Tamera said...

I think I know MOST of the kiddos in the photo - but you could always post a "list" :)

Katie sang "Fifty Nifty" also for a music program, but in 4th grade - so I got a refresher course - since I sang it in elem. school too!!

If it matters any (and I'm SURE it does - ha!) I don't remember the kids 3rd grade year - nor my own - very well. It must be one of "those" years.

Val Smallman said...

You are in the top row, 2nd child from the left in the blue jumper with the heart. Why in the world did the doctor think you were a boy? You most definately do NOT look like a boy? Love you blog!

Adam said...

I don't see you in this picture. I see Sydney, but I don't see you. Weird.

Becky M. said...

Oh, Jen! It's been so long since I saw any pictures like this!!! I can recognize at least half of them. How cute!!!! I think every grade after sang Fifty Nifty -- even my little sister and brother.

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