Life Lesson for Today.....

Payton and I had an interesting conversation this afternoon while picking up a few groceries.

Mom:  Okay, I have everything we need, except for SOS pads.  Let's find the cleaning aisle.

Payton:  What are SOS pads?   Actually-forget it.  They sound "girly".

By this time, we had reached the cleaning aisle and I had grabbed a box of SOS pads.

Mom:  Trust me, Payton.  No girl wants to use SOS pads.  They are made of steel wool, and I use them to clean the kitchen sink.

Payton:  Oh......ouch!

Always good to keep the lines of communication open, right?  His wife will thank me some day, especially if she tries to send him to the store for some "necessities".  Ahem.......