Age 7/Second Grade

And here we are.......a few days late again!  But at least I'm generally keeping up, right?

I know you've heard it before but I don't remember much about being seven or being in second grade.  My most distinct memory of that age is probably the summer before third grade before I turned eight.  My mom had gone somewhere for the day and my siblings and I were at a friend's house playing/being babysat.  I remember the day very clearly and I remember feeling sick and then a little sicker and then really bad as the day went on.  I remember watching every minute tick away on the clock and wishing my mom would come and take me home.  I know that it was one the times in my life when I have felt the absolute worst.  It was bad.  

Finally, my mom came and the next 2-3 weeks are a bit of a blur.  I do know that I was SO. SICK.  Officially, I had pyelonephritis, complete with vomiting, extreme pain, and delirium.  Unofficially, I felt like crap for a long time that summer!!  I remember many visits to Dr. Leinbach, painful and invasive medical tests, and taking medicine for many months afterward.  I remember laying on the couch and skipping church (which NEVER happened) and watching The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday night (which also NEVER happened).  I remember a particular incident of delirium where I woke up and told my dad that my little brother had just colored on the piano bench with crayon.  I was insistent.  So was my brother, who apparently felt unjustly accused.  And, unfortunately, I was the one with the high fever so I'm pretty sure my brother got a pass that time.

And that was just the beginning of my kidney issues.  I don't know if my kidneys started out bad and have gotten worse or if the summer I was 7 just made them mad but they've been nothing but trouble ever since.  I've had kidney stones twice (I would rather have six more children completely naturally than have them again), lost some kidney function in my left kidney because of the kidney stones, and now, well, let's just say they don't "hold" as much for as long as they used to!  Ahem..........  Don't think I'll ever be donating a kidney to anyone.

Other than that, my 7th year was uneventfully happy.  Mrs. Gelina was my teacher.  I'm pretty sure she only taught for that one year but I remember liking her very much.  I also remember where she lived and to this day, every time I drive by her former home, I think of her.  And I believe second grade was also the year I was introduced to the wonderful world of Victory Drill.  It was a book full of lists of wonderful words that I was supposed to read as fast and as accurately as possible.  I was a Victory Drill master.  Nothing could stop me.  I loved it.  My love affair with words had officially begun.  And considering that, in first grade, I was pretty much the last kid in the class who caught on to reading, I'd say I recovered pretty well!  Did any of you have the pleasure of Victory Drill?  If not, you missed out!

Mom--anything else eventful that year?  Did I even get the above facts correct?  Feel free to correct me if I didn't!

Next up:  Third Grade.  Try to contain your enthusiasm.