Okay-this may be totally old hat for many of you but it was a first for us today and it was a HUGE success!

I have been wanting to try grilling pizza for a while now.  We LOVE brick oven pizza and I figured grilling it was the probably the closest we would get around here because, believe it or not, our home sweet home did not come with a brick oven!

I followed this tutorial from one of my favorite food blogs, and it was easy as, well, pizza pie!!  And soo yummy!  I made my own dough first thing this morning, then rolled it out very thin into five individual pizzas. (Payton is away at camp this week.  We aren't starving anyone!)  I refrigerated the crusts between pieces of wax paper and they were ready to go when Jeff got home.  Everyone got to choose their own toppings and everyone was happy! 

This is my pizza-mozzarella and tomatoes!  It was delicious!  I think we've found a new way to make homemade pizza at our house!