Hello from the tornado that is my life.......

Oh. my. word.  Would someone please stop the world?  I'd like to get off this crazy ride!

My life in the past three weeks or so:

Jeff, Sydney, and Payton off to church youth camp for a week.
Payton off to Florida for a week---the same day he returned from church camp!
A very special first-time visitor to our home for Brooke
Our annual day at the amusement park with my family.
Two days at Club Knorr with my family
A wonderful visit with missionary friends from Brazil
A day trip to DC with these dear friends
A wonderful visit with my dear friend, Steph
One meal for 25 people on the church worship team
One escaped convict and lots of police presence in our neighborhood (our backyard even!)
Lots of college prep-financial, emotional, mental
One sleepover for seven 10-year old boys
Two birthdays and one wedding anniversary
Summer camp every day from 7:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for Jeff and the three younger kids
Relocating Jeff's entire classroom
One new set of brakes for one car
One unfortunate meeting with a post at the gas station for the other car
A mysterious back injury for Sawyer
An anxious day awaiting x-ray results for above back injury.  They were, thankfully, clear!
Numerous physical therapy appointments to diagnose and heal deep muscle strain in back
Five days of football mini camp
Soccer practice and/or games two days a week

And I'm sure I've forgotten some things!  All of that plus working, laundry, shopping, cooking, paying bills, running children here and there, etc.  Who is it that talks about the "lazy" days of summer!  Not in my world!  Fall is coming, right???


Karen L said...

So...I shouldn't be holding my breath for you to respond to my friend request on FB!

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