..........I feel like this.

We are packing Brooke, unpacking Brooke, repacking Brooke, trying to wash every shred of dirty clothing in the house in preparation for six people going in four different directions on Wednesday, shuttling to sports practices that are canceled after 30 minutes because of thunder that was already occurring 30 minutes before said practice began, packing three family members to head to Pennsylvania, packing the other three family members to head to two different places in Ohio, paying bills, refilling prescriptions, refereeing arguments, fighting over whose turn it is to walk to dog, taking the overflowing trash to the dump, etc. Oh and then there's the minor detail of dinner--and Brooke who is not-so-subtly requesting a favorite meal before she leaves.

And, then, in the middle of all of this peace and solitude (ahem...), Sawyer decided he wanted to enter the Red Robin Kids' Cook-Off contest. All he has to do is create his own gourmet burger and send off the recipe. Easy peasy, right? Sure!!! I came into the kitchen today to hear the blender whipping up a mixture of mayonnaise, miracle whip, onions, dill seasoning, and mustard. He decided he didn't like that and later I caught a whiff of bacon he had "carmelized" (his word) in barbecue sauce--in the microwave. Why not? I mean he only has until September 12 to enter. I wouldn't want him to leave it until the last minute, and we weren't doing anything today anyway. Ahem.........

To top it all off, for obvious reasons, I am going to be out of the office Thursday through next Monday. However, before I leave, my boss decided there was one HUGE marketing campaign that needed to get done first. So........here I sit. Blogging and wishing desperately for "Annuale" when I should be firing off some amazing marketing emails designed to maximize clicks and increase sales.

Before the night is over, I may need to be incarcerated pre-emptively like a wolfman.

Please send chocolate. Hershey's milk chocolate nuggets, to be specific.

And, for the love of all that is holy, if Sawyer wins that hamburger contest thing, someone send me a letter in jail.  (If Sawyer were to win the grand prize, which is a trip for four to Orlando, he could obviously not take the entire family.  This knowledge sparked a lively--and "loving"--discussion about which one of us "would be voted off the island" so we could meet the requisite "four" to partake of the prize.  On the bright side, my incarceration would solve half of that problem. Sigh.)


Tamera said...

I'm laughing WITH you - - naw, I'm laughing at you :)

Tell Sawyer I'll go with him to Orlando and we'll sell the other two tickets!! You know, since you have this predicament, he WILL win . . . and I'll visit you in jail and bring chocolate.

jodie said...

Sorry...I just ate your chocolate.

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