Some much overdue linky love.....

I've had these in my "Linky Love" file for FOREVER.  Way too long.  So here you go!

Oh.......I LOVE this!  I haven't jumped on the "stick-sayings-all-over-your-house" bandwagon.  Mostly because I don't want to have to "read" the walls of my own home.  But this is a lovely alternative! 

This is fun!!  What a great decoration for your next birthday party!  I think even *I* could do this.  (Of course, it wouldn't be for a birthday party because we all know how I feel about those! ahem....)

Not sure what in the world I would do with this.  But it sure is "purty"! 

I am mailing LOTS of packages these days.  Wouldn't these be fun on some of those boxes??

Yum!  Get yourself a good printer and some good paper and the sky's the limit, thanks to her!

And, this is my very favorite new site.  We all know that I am as "uncrafty" as a big rock but I think I may actually be able to pull off some of her ideas.  

And finally.......We raked leaves and watched football today, which means fall is in the air!  Which naturally means lots of yummy fall foods.  Here are two "fallish" recipes for you to enjoy!

I shared this one last year, and it's on the menu for this week. 

This is a new one that's also on the menu!  I have never made a chicken pot pie.  Actually, they aren't my favorite but these look so good I'm going to give them a whirl!  I'll keep you posted!


Tamera said...

when you order the duct tape I want some too :)

Katie LOVES duct tape and making things out of them!!

And we're going to make the chicken pot pie too.

That was fun - keep up the linkys :)

Gina Ulfa said...

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