A recap....

Well, I had a wonderful trip to Cedarville, a wonderful time with my sister and her family, a wonderful time with Brooke, and then I had to come home.  Back to the grind.  The homework.  The housework.  The "work" work.  Ick!  But I've survived re-entry and lived to blog about it.  So here I am.

Just a few pictures from last weekend!
The Student Center-Cafeteria, Post Office, Bookstore, etc
Brooke and Adam before the concert Friday night
All the choral groups and bands sang/played "America the Beautiful" to close the concert. 
The beautiful Bible building across Cedar Lake
A view of the Student Center across the lake
The Dixon Ministry Center-chapel, classrooms, etc.
Brooke and Adam at the Homecoming Parade

My youngest sister, Becky, Brooke, and I at the Homecoming Parade
We had a great time!  It was so hard to leave though.  My sister and I enjoyed about 10 hours of uninterrupted conversation while we drove, and then we had a great time seeing old friends, meeting Brooke's new friends, and just getting away.  It was a very special weekend!


Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great time! BTW, I spotted two errors in your post...what do I get?!

Laurel said...

Loved your post on your own intentions. I so related to it. Thanks!

Jen said...

Lisa--You win the BIG prize!! A sense of accomplishment! HAHA I found one--what other one did you see?

Lisa said...

In the caption under the last picture, "My youngest sister, Becky, Brooke, and I at the Homecoming Parade" "I" should be "me" (I believe).

Jen said...

No, actually, it's correct. If I took Brooke and Becky out, I would say "I was at the Homecoming parade." not "Me was at the Homecoming parade." That's always an easy way to tell!

Lisa said...

Ah...I was reading it as a caption and taking out Becky and Brooke and reading it as "Me at the homecoming parade." Or "this is me at the homecoming parade." :)