Right now I'm.......

  • Thinking it's been wayyy too long since I posted.
  • Wishing I had more creativity and more time to post.
  • Mulling over wedding invitation wording and pricing.
  • Googling/pinning pink and green candy ideas for the reception "candy bar" we're planning.
  • Looking forward to devouring my newest issue of Real Simple, my most favorite magazine ever.
  • Looking forward to Brooke and Adam coming home in two weeks.
  • Thinking we have A LOT to accomplish while they're here.
  • Praying expectantly for great results from my sister's three-month PET scan today.
  • Chuckling at how Sydney and Payton looked when they left for Fake Prom at church tonight. 
  • Dreading trying to find that elusive "mother of the bride" dress that won't look like a "mother of the bride" dress.
  • Regretting that we didn't see one single snowflake this past weekend. Sigh..........
  • Signing off to go finish watching the season finale of Downton Abbey. (So far, I've converted four people into DA fans. If you haven't watched yet, you're missing out.)
  • Wondering what I will do until DA, Season 3 premieres. 
  • Promising to be back soon...........


Karen said...

I know your job provides you with good fodder. Thank you for your decorum and restraint. Your readers would get a good laugh, but I would never be able to show my (trashy) face in E'burg again!

Neecykay said...

I have no doubt you will find "the" dress that is beautiful, elegant and suits your style! Enjoy the visit with the bride and groom-to-be. Somehow, it will all come together and will be a day to remember for all of you. What is a fake prom? Sounds interesting!

Gina Ulfa said...

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