"Lots" Around Here

Lots of basketball

Lots........and lots....... of basketball

Lots of drooling

Lots.....and lots....of drooling

Lots of laundry.
Always lots and lots of laundry

Lots of patience....and praying!
Look who's driving!

Lots of recycling.
Good thing we kinda know the garbage people!

Lots of nerves!
Sofie is just now recovering from her trip to the vet on Monday!

Lots of new (to us) foods.
I'm trying to cook some "familiar" foods for Hero and Daniel.
Lots of homework.....always lots of homework.

Lots of air freshener.
Have I mentioned there are four teenage boys living in my house?
Lots of groceries.
Lots......and lots........of groceries.

Lots of good grades!!
We are very proud of Payton and Sydney's hard work! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, Where was the Martha Stewart stuff. I need to go look at that.
I like the picture of Sydney driving. How is it going? What happened at the vet that traumatized Sofie?
Tell Sawyer I have expecting a blog post about his eventful Saturday night.

Love, MOm

Your Brother said...

Looks like lots of M & M's also.

Gina Ulfa said...

very good
Gejala Stroke