Waving the white flag

Just to prove that I'm not making this up.
Just to prove that life really is HAPPENING at a record pace around here.
Just to prove (and possibly serve as Exhibit A during my trial) that I have good reason to be in the looney bin.

Last night at, oh, about 8:00 pm, Sawyer informed me that he was required to bring smoothies to his class today. SMOOTHIES. FOR 18 PEOPLE.

After careful questioning, I found out that his class was studying The Swiss Family Robinson, and each student was assigned to bring something that the Robinsons might have eaten while they lived as castaways on the deserted island. Sawyer chose SMOOTHIES.  FOR 18 PEOPLE.

After continued questioning, I found out that Sawyer really had no other ideas, and since they ate fruit on the island and smoothies are pretty much his FAVORITE thing in the world, he decided smoothies would be a good choice. SMOOTHIES.  FOR 18 PEOPLE.

Naturally, it didn't occur to said child to inform the person who would be responsible for buying the ingredients and actually making the smoothies (ME) that he had made this decision: to bring SMOOTHIES.  FOR 18 PEOPLE.

(For the record, I'm very proud of my over-achieving child, but I'm pretty sure that canned pineapple would have served the same purpose. Ahem.......)

So................this morning at 6:45, Sawyer and I started making smoothies. And it quickly became apparent that I didn't have sufficient ingredients for SMOOTHIES. FOR 18 PEOPLE.

"Don't worry, mom" he said "each person only needs a Dixie cup full." However, he had failed to secure Dixie cups to hold the SMOOTHIES. FOR 18 PEOPLE. 

We used up all the ingredients we had, which weren't nearly enough for SMOOTHIES.  FOR 18 PEOPLE.

So, today, the McDonald's drive thru provided SMOOTHIES. NOT FOR 18 PEOPLE.  JUST FOR 12.

I surrender...


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