Day 36

It's a rainy, quiet Sunday today so we decided to do a little taste test. I saw these "Chocolate Skittles" in Wal-mart this afternoon and couldn't resist picking up a box. Now, I am not a fan of regular Skittles but anything that includes chocolate can't be all that bad, right?

The five flavors, going from left to right in the picture below, are:

Chocolate Caramel
Chocolate Pudding
Brownie Batter

We tasted them all. The vanilla tasted like sugar babies. Now, I love sugar babies but I'd rather have the real thing. The s'mores and chocolate caramel and chocolate pudding were just plain gross. The brownie batter tasted much like a tootsie roll at first. But the aftertaste was less than desirable. And, again, given the choice, I'd rather have the real thing.

The verdict in our house: if you're under 13, these are yummy. If you're older than 13, you'll probably want to stick to the Hershey's or the Dove or the Lindt or whatever REAL chocolate you enjoy most.

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Anonymous said...

I tried them a while ago, and they weren't worth buying again, I agree.

Mom (who gave you your love of chocolate)

Anonymous said...

yeah, we tried them a while back and they weren't a favorite for us either, I'll agree with your Mom who said they weren't worth buying again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review - they actually sound better than what I was thinking they were. I thought they were "regular" skittles surrounded by chocolate (a-la-m&m's) - and THAT sounded gross. I still won't be buying them since I like only real chocolate!

steph said...

thanks for saving me some $$$...been thinking of trying them everytime I see them.
have you tried Hershey Bliss??? YUMMMMY!

Jenn said...

I tried them only b/c BJ's had them as a sample. They were not very good, I'll agree.

But, I'm not a big choco fan anyway!

The Thomsons said...

They look disgusting!! I mean it would be like saying, "roast beef dinner choclate bar" or something!! LET THE FUIT CANDY BE FRUIT CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting......next thing you know they will be making oranges taste like pinapples or something!