Brotherly Love....

I think I've mentioned that it's been a crazy year week at our house. On Wednesday morning, because of schedule conflicts, school activities, a work event, etc. Sawyer had to go with me to handle something for work before we went to his end-of-the-year field trip.

That very same morning, Brooke had a vocal audition/interview for a hefty scholarship, and our plans were to go support her at the audition after we took care of the work issue. Unfortunately, the work issue took longer than anticipated and we never made it to the audition. (We couldn't listen but wanted to be there for moral support!) But Brooke felt it went well! We'll find out in early August.

Anyhoo.........as we were leaving work, Sawyer asked me exactly what Brooke was doing at her audition. I explained to him that she had been chosen to compete for a scholarship and that she had to sing two songs and participate in a short interview. If she did well, then she would be awarded money for college.

Without missing a beat, Sawyer looked at me incredulously and said "Mom. Seriously, it's Brooke. You KNOW she's gonna get it!"

It warmed my heart! They like each other! They really like each other!

We'll keep you posted on the scholarship!


Jenn said...

Oh good luck to her! I hope she gets it!!

Anonymous said...

Just when you think you have them figured out, they do something to "surprise" you!!! Wish Brooke luck from us!!!!

Kerry said...

My ds says stuff like that about his sister often... I wish she would return the favor. He has a serious case of hero worship - his sister can do no wrong. She, on the other hand, finds her brother to be the most annoying person on earth... ugh

Hope Brooke does well!!!